Book Review: Papi: My Story, by David Ortiz

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Perhaps the perfect book for Red Sox fans, Ortiz’s honest account of his pro baseball career is just that. He is not only frank in this entertaining and insightful memoir, but has an open and honest conversation with his fans. The accomplishments of Ortiz in pro baseball is nothing less than extraordinary. Within a year of his joining the Red Sox, he had led them to victory against their archrivals, the New York Yankees.

If you are considering buying this book, join me as I take you through some of the key points. At the end of the review, I’ll include my final thoughts which gives you the opportunity to decide whether you should get it or not.

An Unusual Memoir

Firstly, this is not your regular run of the mill memoir. If you think you’re in for some juicy gossip and insights into the player’s childhood, think again. The biography focuses on Ortiz’s experiences during his time with the Red Sox. One of the best features of the book however is its unique approach. It’s as if Ortiz is sitting right in front of you, telling you these things in his own words.

Playing for the Red Sox

Ortiz joined the Red Sox in 2003. He recounts the first time he played, and how the team had lost against the New York Yankees. The way he explains the sadness experienced by Sox fans is not only beautiful, but accurate. He says he immediately understood his fans and that he never wanted to see such sadness ever again.

He lived up to his word, and the Sox came back winning the following year, becoming one of baseballs best hitters.

Moving Past Previous Grudges

Ortiz speaks about the difficulty he had experienced with the press and what he had experienced as disrespect from Red Sox management too. These moments of pure honesty are found throughout the book where Ortiz openly discusses specific grudges and slights. These are specifically regarding writers and journalists as well as management.

In these sections one gets a very rare view as to how pro athletes think, and what motivates them.

Politics Remain Politics

There is also the odd piece of gossip as well as some talk about the intense politics within pro baseball. A very talented storyteller, Ortiz explains these shenanigans as a kid’s game and a billion-dollar entertainment venture.

Final Thoughts

The book is as entertaining as it is delightful. It also provides the reader with deeper insights into the inner workings and dynamics of pro baseball. It would however be best suited for those dedicated Ortiz fans out there. Keeping in mind that the language used is not advised for younger readers. Either way, it is a great read!

You can get the book in hardcover, audio, paperback as well as MP3 CD on Amazon.

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