Book Review: Offside: My Life Crossing the Line Hardcover, by Sean Avery

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Offside My Life Crossing the Line Hardcover, by Sean Avery Hardcover: 336 pages
Publisher: Viking (Oct. 24 2017)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0735232857
ISBN-13: 978-0735232853
Product Dimensions: 16 x 2.9 x 23.6 cm
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A lot of hockey fanatics might not be tempted to buy a copy of Sean Avery’s book, merely for the fact that he has as many fans who love him than people who loathe him. If, however you know your stuff, you’ll be able to appreciate this memoir as it takes you behind the scenes and straight into the locker room. Not a traditional memoir with details on his upbringing or childhood, Avery takes the reader straight to his professional NHL career.

Join me as I uncover some highlights of Offside that will allow you to decide whether or not this is in fact something you would want to read.

A Different Kind of Memoir

As mentioned, Avery’s memoir is not the typical sports biography that looks at the early years, his relationship with his parents or siblings, or anything like that. Instead, what you get is exactly what Avery promised throughout the years, a book detailing everything that took place on and off the ice. As a bit of a hothead, Avery managed to cause quite a stir at just about any game. But there is more to this great athlete than that.

Ups and Downs in NHL

Avery talks about every aspect of his professional hockey career. There are mentions of his time with the Detroit Red Wings which he speaks of with reverence. Other details regarding his pro hockey career includes mentions of his time with the Los Angeles Kings and the New York Rangers. One can see in the book that Avery has a deep affinity with the city and its people.

Something that is quite interesting about the book is the fact that Avery provides readers with an inside look at how team mates interacts with one another, how they see each other but most importantly what they think about some coaches.

Controversy Abound

It’s not a secret, wherever Avery went, so did controversy. Avery does his best to make mention of all of these instances, and you may even come across some that you weren’t aware of. What I loved about the book was the absolute honesty in which Avery expresses himself and discusses these instances. He does not deny anything, but does defend himself and provides the reader with the facts.

Parties, Celebs and More

Avery discusses in depth how he and his team mates spent their time off the ice. There is quite a lot of info on this, and reading becomes a bit tedious after a while. Avery does manage to keep the reader engaged and entertained though, with mentions of celebs he befriended, parties he attended and more.

Final Thoughts

Not your typical memoir or biography, but still a great read. Whether you love or hate him, Avery brings the reader behind the scenes and into the world of professional hockey. If you are a fan (of the sport, of course), I would highly recommend it. Even if you are not a fan of the player himself, you will be amazed at the information shared here.

The book is available on Amazon in hardcover, paperback, kindle and as an audiobook.

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